The genuine  coolers lined in leather with our characteristic cross stitch are a Must for any outdoor celebration !.

They combine the quality keeping the cold  for a long time, and the artisanal work of Sol & Luna that turns into Art any leather object.

two top-quality cooler models with the characteristic craftsmanship of Sol & Luna
that converts a functional product into a leather object made with Art

Available in 6 different sizes, there can be used for a getaway for two, a family picnic, a boat journey,  an outdoor event,etc … This is the reason why it is most of our clients choose our leather coolers as the perfect gift for  corporate gifts, wedding gifts etc …

Coolers covered in leather by Sol&Luna in 6 different sizes

                                        To highlight the craft work, we select carefully the object to be lined in leather.

Sol&luna cooler in brown leather. Also available in black, natural, red and orange leather

Other leather objects that Sol & Luna can offer for a successful picnic are the can holders , covered in leather with the same art by Sol & Luna!

Can holder coverd in leather by sol&Luna available in natural, brown, black, red and orange leather

After emptying the cooler with our great picnic,  and taking the aperitif in our luxurious leather can holders, we can start setting the picnic table with the collection of jugs and thermos that keep the right temperature and highlight  the Art of the Leather of Sol&luna.

Thermos and jars Collection  covered in leather by sol&luna available in brown, black, natural, red and orange leather

And finally the dessert !. Use the for ice cream buckets covered in leather by Sol & Luna, also with interior that keeps the cold!

5 colors for the  ice cream buckets covered in leather by Sol&luna




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