The art of the leather, motor, tradition and lots of glamour !!!!!

Sol&luna with Rolls Royce for the celebration of 100 years of Bentley

It is difficult to explain the joy that you feel when you are invited as a luxury brand, for the celebration of 100 years of Bentley Motors. To see Sol & Luna at the level of companies such as Rolls Royce makes you feel unique and overwhelmed!

The reason for this invitation, is because Sol & Luna is part of those brands of the world of EXTRAORDINARY. Thanks for its handmade products that have turned the world of leather into an Art, thanks to the respect for the traditions and thanks to the luxury linked to  “handmade products ” …

“Exploring The Extraordinary” is the title of the book published by two of the most prestigious car clubs: The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club and the Rolls Royce Owners Club. They have selected exclusive brands related to the world of luxury including Sol&luna as a brand linked to handcrafted habitat. The presentation of the book was the first event of 100 Years of Bentley Motors.


Cover of the Book

The story of Sol&luna published in the book

Sol & Luna team was there in the middle of a wonderful exhibition of vintage cars that 100 years later are still objects of desire, among other international brands chosen by Bentley as extraordinary!

Every corner of the exhibition reminds us that there is no expiration date for the things well done, for the exquisite materials and for the good taste….

A hundred years of reward for the good work, for the meticulous, for the commitment to perfection!


With this “tremendous satisfaction” we put on our best clothes to go later to the Hotel Grosvenor House for the gala dinner to celebrate 100 years of Bentley Motors.

What a great dinner, in the incomparable setting of the Hotel Grosvenor House that protects like no other the condition of EXTRAORDINARY that presides over the night; among a lot of international luxury brands that like Sol & Luna have been invited to the event; with that spirit of motivation to follow in the effort to be exclusive!

Thanks Bentley Motors to invite Sol&Luna to participate in your 100 Anniversary!!!

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Art in leather objects, a luxury picnic with Sol&Luna

The genuine Coleman coolers lined in leather with our characteristic cross stitch are a Must for any outdoor celebration !.

They combine the quality of Coleman, keeping the cold  for a long time, and the artisanal work of Sol & Luna that turns into Art any leather object.

two top-quality cooler models with the characteristic craftsmanship of Sol & Luna
that converts a functional product into a leather object made with Art

Available in 6 different sizes, there can be used for a getaway for two, a family picnic, a boat journey,  an outdoor event,etc … This is the reason why it is most of our clients choose our leather coolers as the perfect gift for  corporate gifts, wedding gifts etc …

Coolers covered in leather by Sol&Luna in 6 different sizes

To highlight the craft work, we select carefully the object to be lined in leather. That’s why Sol & Luna chose the Coleman brand, for its well-deserved reputation as the best among all brands of coolers.

Sol&luna cooler in brown leather. Also available in black, natural, red and orange leather

Other leather objects that Sol & Luna can offer for a successful picnic are the can holders  from Coleman brand, covered in leather with the same art by Sol & Luna!

Can holder coverd in leather by sol&Luna available in natural, brown, black, red and orange leather

After emptying the cooler with our great picnic,  and taking the aperitif in our luxurious leather can holders, we can start setting the picnic table with the collection of jugs and thermos that keep the right temperature and highlight  the Art of the Leather of Sol&luna.

Thermos and jars Collection  covered in leather by sol&luna available in brown, black, natural, red and orange leather

And finally the dessert !. Use the for ice cream buckets covered in leather by Sol & Luna, also with interior that keeps the cold!

5 colors for the  ice cream buckets covered in leather by Sol&luna




c/Núñez de Balboa, 79

28006 MADRID

+34 91 781 28 65


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Sol & Luna will attend ICFF fair at JAVITS CENTER NYC

Sol y Luna has been invited by Interiors from Spain to attend the International Contemporary Furniture fair (ICFF) that will be held in New York (Jacob K. Javits Convention Center- NY) from the 19th to the 22nd of May 2019.

Interiors from Spain is an initiative of ICEX Spain Export and Investment to promote the Spanish products of habitat and interior design.

Sol&luna will be presenting its new collection “Sol & Luna in colors” bringing  the opportunity to customize your chairand offering our clients a large variety of leather seating in different colors, handmade cross stitching matching the leather and colorful iron frames.

We are very happy to attend for first time this furniture fair, that has built a solid reputation as North America’s platform for global design.

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Leather objects: our mitical ice buckets

The large or medium round ice bucket and the Can cooler also in large and medium size. Any of those models with a great capacity for a great night !. All of them with outstanding functionality and at the same time with the seal of our Art of leather objects!

objetos de cuero cubos de hielo

Sol&luna Ice buckets in natural leather. Also available in black, Brown, red and orange leather

Sol & Luna is known for its ability to cover turning anything into a leather object,  transforming the item into something elegant, different, artistic, decorative … ..

The can Cooler model lined with leather, it is a design that allows us to show our Art of leather, showing the original ring of its cover…cubo de hielo objetos de cuero sol&luna

Two sizes of this can cooler in leather for a younger audience or for a garden, a pool, a more informal atmosphere ….


The Art of Sol&Luna goes beyond the leather in its model of Ice bucket for Excellence !. After unsuccessfully searching for a lining bucket that met the design, capacity and quality characteristics pursued, we decided to create it.

This ice bucket is not a simple leather object…

In this case we not only cover the item, we also manufacture the base, with its aluminum interior capable of keeping the ice up to 24 hours.

best quaility inside and artisanal work outside rística deSol & Luna turns a functional product into a leather object made with Art

No wonder it’s our best-selling piece every year! Wedding gifts, business gifts, gifts that we choose with great care to show appreciation, love..




c/Núñez de Balboa, 79

28006 MADRID


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Leather furniture, New Collection SOL & LUNA IN COLORS

Sol & Luna, known for Art in Leather and for the creation and manufacture of leather furniture, offers you, thanks to its new collection Sol &luna in Colors, the opportunity to customize your design

We offer you the possibility to choose for your furniture, the color of the leather, the thread of your sewing and the color of the structure of your chairs, armchairs, stools and leather tables.

The result is fascinating adding modernity and color to our new handmade leather furniture

We are very happy to demonstrate once again the meticulous leather craftsmanship of Sol & Luna, which turns Art into leather.

Handmade pieces that allow us to customize the needs of the buyer and demonstrate once again the great versatility of leather furniture, adapting the furniture to any kind of style:   classic, modern, young, festive, warm

Launched the collection during the last edition of Maison et Objet in Paris, the success and recognition of our leather goods has been absolute!


You choose the personalization of your leather furniture

  • Five colors: natural leather, brown leather, black leather,  red leather and orange leather.
  • Five colors for the thread of our cross stitch seam: brown, green, black, red and ivory.
  • Four colors for the iron structures: black, gold, red and green.

The options are endless so that the leather chair, leather armchair, leather stool or leather table that you design is exclusive for your project.

Sol &Luna, proves once again, that their handmade leather objects have multiple applications in the decoration sector.

Leather goods made with love thanks to the virtuous hands of the best leather craftsmen.

Visit our website or come to our store in Madrid: Sol y Luna (Núñez de Balboa, 79-28006 Madrid – Tel; 00 34 91 781 28 65)


The merger of Art and Leather

Sol&luna, the Art of Leather, and Felipao presented during the Show Maison&Objet, the the iconic 1,65cm polyhedral Menina designed by Felipao, lined in red leather by Sol & Luna

The “Menina”dressed  in leather for Maison & Objet Show

.Friendship and mutual admiration for crafts and art result in a collaboration between the artist Felipao and Carolina Sánchez de Movellán from Sol & Luna.  


The renowned artist and sculptor, Felipao and the company Sol & Luna known in the leather art sector, have produced a limited edition of the Iconic Menina designed by Felipao but, this time, covered from head to toe in leather by the artisans of Sol & Luna.

It is the first polyhedralMenina in the world, its body is built on 448 faces. No artist had used this technique so far to interpret the Velazquez icon.



Felipao is an artist who feels very comfortable giving life to sculptures and any object. Carolina Sánchez from Movellán from Sol & Luna says: “The Art of Leather, together with the innovative design of Felipao, makes the Menina an iconic piece”.


The Menina fromFelipao is an innovative interpretation adapted to the 21st century. Available in three sizes: 32cm, 52cm and 1,65cm.

Once again, Sol&luna demonstrate show Art and leather are a perfect combination.

Once again Sol & Luna shows that art and leather are one thing. 
Sol & Luna, leather art, has been showing for many years that the leather worked with care and placed in the hands of artists and craftsmen, can give any object, even the most everyday, the design touch that makes each object a work of art.

Sol & Luna, leather art, is the demonstration that art and leather can be a fusion that we can enjoy every day.



18-23 January 2019

Hall 5A – Stand S-105

Sol&luna brings the opportunity to customize your chair


Sol&luna will be presenting at Maison et Objet (18-23 January 19) its new collection called “Sol & Luna in colors”.

“Committed to the luxurious craft of leather,” best describes the artisans of Sol & Luna, a Spanish manufacturer and retailer which has become internationally known for its objects and furniture elegantly covered in leather

Our aim with this new collection is to offer our clients a large variety of leather seating in different colors, handmade cross stitching matching the leather and colorful iron frames.

The result is absolutely amazing giving a modern touch to our range of chairs, armchairs and barstools.

5 leather colors: natural, brown, black, red and orange

5 cross stitching: ivory, brown, black, green and red

4 iron frames: black, gold, green and red

Sol&Luna’s leather is completly natural  and our products are hand finished made from a fine cow leather. All of wich garantee that each piece is unique.

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