Armchairs, Stools and Leather Chairs

Sol & Luna includes in its catalog a wide variety of leather chairs, as well as armchairs and stools lined also in leather.

Known already for our ability to line any object in leather, and thinking of decoration furniture,  arose the idea  to line the mythical bus seat that is called  “Giron” in Cuba.

The next step was to choose the base. Two models of iron frames, which also differentiates two chair heights, 45 cm and 48 cm

After the great success of the Giron leather chair specially in the hospitality sector, clients began to demand leather stools matching the chairs. Nowadays we offer chairs, armchairs and stools in mostly all our collections.

In Sol&luna we show the versatility of leather, adaptable in any environment and style. We have developed other designs of leather chairs, and combining seat, frames and heights we can offer up to 10 collections of leather chairs including armchairs and counter and bar stools.

In our effort to innovate, emerges the collection of Revolving leather chairs with its special design; the Tobatí chair, the Caacupé or Lambaré armchair or how we could not otherwise call our Luna chair and our Sol armchair !. All these leather seating are part of our large collection.

Finally, showing our claim “The Art of Leather”, we have the entire collection of chairs completely covered in leather.

A total of 10 references of chairs and armchairs all covered in leather using our vegetal leather and our cross stitch seam throughout the piece.