A double satisfaction that you find in life! In the professional side when the Art of Leather and design merge, the result of an absolutely wonderful product is achievedand . Personally, for the joy of working with one of those friends that one is lucky to have!

If Sol & Luna is known for the Art of Leather in its work of luxury craftsmanship, it was an opportunity to have the renowned interior designer and furniture creator, Inés Benavides, to gather professionalism and knowledge by making a limited edition, the Iconic Cubbs designed by Inés Benavides but, this time, fully lined in leather.

When the Art of Leather and design merge, the result? … fascinating.

Originally, these exuberant cubes, bright, colorful and very striking made of metal, with a touch PopArt, have been transformed from the hand of Sol & Luna in soft, delicate, more subtle pieces.

The meticulous craftsmanship of Sol & Luna in turning their work into the Art of Leather, with premium leather has made them a warmer object.

With an effect as striking as the originals, for the material with which they are covered as, for the colors used, an elegant tile / orange color and a warm red color, it is surprising to note that they do not lose a touch of modernity and avant-garde .

To which we must add the touch of leather, soft as if it were a second skin.

In short, the final result is just as versatile as the original Cubbs but with a more refined look.

The lining process has been complicated, demonstrating once again that leather is an Art for Sun &Luna, to obtain a natural and perfect appearance.

I completely agree with Inés Benavides  when she says: “a master job. Impeccable”.

Carolina Sánchez de Movellán