Leather and suede footware accessories HO BY SOL&LUNA

HO By Sol&Luna’s collection offers various footware accessories covered in leather and suede.

In our aim to demonstrate that “to Order is to Decorate”, we have turned functional products  into luxury pieces that decorate our dressing room. Leather and suede footware accessories  that can be placed out of the wardrobe and look incredible!

Leather large shoehorns to have at home and short ones to use every time we  travel. Leather and  suede shoe brushes  that make our shoes a luxury!

Leather shoe trees for boots to keep them firm and prevent them from becoming deformed

Five leather colors for any of these accessories: black, brown, taupe, orange and red. On behalf the brushes, we offer these colors for both leather and suede. Straight stitching perfectly aligned in ivory color.

Leather footware accessories  pieces for “collectors”. These accessories are transformed into items that last forever and I can assure you that you will never throw away …

In our store we can assure you that it is the perfect gif. This type of gift that you will never change!!

Once again we turn the leather into Art, selecting each hide piece by piece, cutting and sewing by hand each shoehorn, each brush, each leather shoe tree, bringing the values and quality of traditional Spanish craftsmanship.

These footwear accessories are the perfect combination for those big projects where we design walking closets and dressing rooms fully equipped with leather and suede hangers. The result is spectacular; leather and suede in the selected colors so that our clothes and footwear always look new, special, and cared…

This is how HO By Sol&Luna turns the order into a luxury!