Home accessories turns order into a luxury! 

HO By Sol & Luna collection, after consolidating the line of luxury accessories for the organization of your closet, extends its concept to the rest of the house with the aim of keeping every object in the right place.

We want to highlight that Order is Decoration and  therefore we turnbasic products into luxury pieces.

Leather or suede baskets in all sizes for different purpose: The large ones ideal for blankets, toys, magazines, etc; The medium size is very decorative and is the perfect paperbasket;  the little one is very useful  to empty pockets, to keep cables, coins, keys, etc.

Five leather colors for any of these home accessories: black, brown, taupe, orange and red. In the case of empty pockets those same colors also in suede. We always use the straight stitching, perfectly aligned in ivory color.

Thinking again on accessories for the house that besides ordering can be decorative,  we created the tissue box in five leather or suede colors.

Finally, we offer a range of marvelous candles that smell of cedar wood. All the candles are covered in leather and suede.

Once again, we turnthe leather into Art, selecting the hide piece by piece, cutting and sewing each piece by hand, recovering the values ​​of the Spanish craftsmanship: traditional and quality leather. This is how HO By Sol & Luna turns order into a luxury, offering accessories for the whole house that go far beyond their functional character.

HO by Sol&luna is the perfect gift!