Garment covers 

The collection HO By Sol & Luna offers a wide range of covers for clothes. These covers are designed to protect those garments that we do not use very frequently.

Off white linen and blue linen, HO By Sol & Luna clothing covers are available in two lengths: 1 meter long and 1.30 meters long.

Any of the models are open at the botton so with a simple look you can see what’s inside. All of the covers are embroidered with HO logo. For large orders, we can embroider the initial of our clients.

In addition to the covers for the clothes, the collection also offers the Shoulder Covers, for suits, coats or any other garment that we don’t wear very frequently, and they can accumulate some dust on the surface. Available in white and blue linen.

Displaying its status as a quality craft brand and capable of turning order into a luxury, HO by Sol&luna makes us want to keep the closet opened to see all these beautiful covers protecting our clothes.

Within this collection dedicated to the clothing care, in addition to the covers and shoulder covers, we also offer our fantastic shirt/jersey folder.

This hard canvas folder help us to organize our shirts, T shirts and jumpers perfectly folded in our closets. These are also very useful to keep those cloths in good conditions every time we travel so the shirts do not wrinkle inside the suitcase.

This shirt folder is lined in fabric with a leather handle embossed with HO By Sol & Luna logo. Sol&luna clothing care accessories turn the order into a Luxury.