To keep everything in order:  Boxes in leather, fabric, paper and canvas 

HO By Sol & Luna collection has developed a wide range of boxes to keep everything in order with different finishes and different uses. Everything made by hand, displaying its status as a quality craft brand, capable of turning order into a luxury!

The Art of Leather as a sign of identity of Sol&luna, regardless of the material of the boxes, the handles are always in leather.

The boxes covered in fabric are designed to keep your accessories in order; the largest size with compartments for belts and ties, the next size without divisions for handkerchiefs or gloves, and the smallest with compartments for rings or cufflinks.

In addition to these three sizes that make up our decorative tower of boxes, our craftsmen have produces a special one for watches another one to keep the cutlery and the last one very useful as a sewing box.

Looking for a consistent material that could keep the clothes in order, we have designed storing canvas boxes with handles and the identification window in leather showing the luxury of HO by Sol&luna.

To keep the shoes in order, HO By Sol & Luna boxes are made of paper lined carton with their identification labels. Four sizes suitable for men’s shoes, women’s shoes, boots and square boxes special to keep your handbags.

Finally, our jewel is the leather box with leather straps, imitating the old box models that pass from generation to generation. Available only in black or brown leather. HO By Sol & Luna Leather Craft looks absolutely amazing in this piece of art!