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Summer is Coming!

Sol&Luna’s leather coolers are part of those mythical products of our brand; they display the Art of Leather covering the well-known coolers of the Coleman brand.

The quality of the Coleman coolers, which are able to keep cold for a long time, and the craftsmanship of Sol&Luna, which turns any leather object into Art, are combined.

Coleman coolers covered in leather by Sol&luna in 6 different sizes

Available in 6 sizes, Sol&Luna’s leather coolers can be used for a getaway for two, a family picnic, a beach day, a boat trip, a big outdoor celebration, etc…  In short, to enjoy even more of those summer pleasures!

coolers, thermos, can holder and bowl by sol&Luna covered in orange leather. Available in black, natural, Brown and red leather

In order not to spoil the meticulous work made by hand, a careful selection of the object to be covered is also required. That is why Sol&Luna chose the Coleman brand for its well-known as the best among all cooler brands.


Coleman cooler covered in natural leather. Also available in brown, black, red and orange

We also offer the can holders from Coleman brand!; the luxury of keeping drinks cool in leather sheaths sewn with our characteristic cross-stitch.

Can holders covered in leather from Sol&Luna. Availalbe in natural, Brown, black, red and orange leather

Other Sol&Luna products covered in leather accompany the pleasures of summer…, thermoses in various sizes, jugs, flasks, bucket and even a watering can ! Utility is not incompatible with luxury!

Summer pleasures with Sol&Luna

Don’t forget to have your garden ready! Now that we are more at home we have learned to take care of all the details!

Garden bucket, watering can and the set of garden tools all covered in orange leather by sol&Luna

You’ve earned it! Enjoy the pleasures of summer with all the luxury of Sol&Luna!!

Thank you Ynes Suelves  and  Hola Living publication for choosing our leather cooler and thermos


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VALDEPALACIOS Hotel Renews its Restaurante Tierra 

Tierra Restaurant, which has a Michelin star, is an ideal place to show the great variety of models and colours of our leather chairs.

They have combined our Capiatá armchair  in natural and red leather; our Cristina armchair  in natural leather and the Sol armchair also in natural leather.

Hotel Valdepalacios and Restaurante Tierra
Teléfono: + 34 925 45 75 34


  The entire collection of S&L leather chairs, the “Home Decor” detail collection, special furniture, the Tableware covered in leather, Gardening tools and tidiness converted into luxury!


The data supports us. The beverage market in general decreases in the hotel and catering industry but increases in homes; food sees its market share relative to the exquisite on the rise; DIY stores that have already opened their doors are the most popular… It is a reality: the advantages of being at home and the decoration sector is very fashionable.

Now that we can meet again, within the limitations of capacity and movement, the option of investing in your home is the most profitable and rewarding!  It’s time to think about some good dining chairs!. Sol&Luna’s  leather chairs are a fine art; up to 9 collections with infinite options of seat, leg, color…the Art of leather in the service of an unforgettable table…

El arte de la mesa siempre ha estado muy presente también en Sol & Luna; una infinidad de objetos de cuero que hacen que cualquier mesa sea especial; nuestros míticos cubos de hielo de cuero, bandejas, manteles, etc. Ahora que es nuestro turno de recibir, ¡aprovechemos para sacar todo!

In our store we also offer all those things that accompany our leather to create unique and exclusive environments; the best glassware and tableware for the perfect table, napkins of the best linen, lamps that surround with warmth, etc…;

Fancy a picnic? A favourite among Sol&Luna’s leather items are the coolers, always present in summer for garden and terrace meals.

 And speaking of gardens, what a pleasure all those leather objects by Sol&Luna which drives us to be in our gardens or terraces like in a 5 star hotel! The pots, watering cans, tools… even sweeping is a luxury with the broom, dustpan and bucket made with all the Art of leather we know!

Take advantage of the trend, put some effort into your home, she has earned it! And enjoy all The Art of Leather!



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AD Best of Spain features a fantastic house in Malibu designed by Isabel López Quesada with our Girón chairs.

Thinking, distributing and designing dressing rooms and wardrobes for a house. Requests that make us really enjoy our work!

The project includes a customized a dressing room for the master bedroom with a dressing table in one corner; a shoe rack to complete the existing wardrobe front; two customized wardrobes in the girls’ room; a customized wardrobe for a specific kitchen niche. All under our brand of Order HO By Sol&Luna! We tell you all about the process and hope to give you good ideas!

Always under the premise that Order is Decoration, we study the type and quantity of our client’s clothes and make a whole display of common sense so that everything has its place. Once everything, we include our accessories HO BY Sol&Luna and  the result is spectacular!

The first thing we do is think about the distribution of the different modules and present the idea as graphically as possible so that the client gets an idea of the final aesthetic and most importantly, what capacity according to modules and garments has.

Drawing and graphic with capacity of each module to present our tailor-made dressing room

A custom-made dressing room, 4 meters long, is a lot of fun. We propose 4 modules of one meter with capacity for long clothes, jackets, shirt, pants, folded clothes, shelves for bags and 5 removable trays capable of storing neatly between 8 and 10 pairs each.


 Customised dressing room module for bags and removable shoe covers.
Accessories HO BY Sol&Luna

Two of the drawers are compartments for sorting socks, stockings, underwear…the aim is that those things that are difficult to keep in order are kept in place.

Divided  drawers. Leather boxes for HO By Sol&Luna accessories

The modules designed for long clothes, shorter clothes, trousers… Everything with the leather hangers HO By Sol&Luna looks brand new ! On the top, our canvas boxes with leather handles for clothes from another season, and on the bottom shelves our fabric boxes for accessories. Sliding doors with mirror glass.

The final touch in the customized dressing rooms is the lighting… LEDs that come on automatically when the door is opened…

In addition to this custom-made dressing room, we designed a shoe rack to complete the cabinets that were already there; 10 sloping shelves for 20 pairs of shoes!

Cedar wood or suede shoe trees. Long and short shoehorn and leather
brush. All are accessories made by HO By Sol&Luna

To finish with the master bedroom, we show you the black/gold lacquered dressing table, with compartmentalized drawers to classify with care the most personal!

We don’t have the time in this post for more… we still have to count the custom-made dressers we made in the girls’ room and the china cabinet we made on the way to the kitchen! Many ideas on how to turn order into a luxury!

  Leather and suede colours by HO By Sol&Luna



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Sol&Luna’s Leather Craftsmanship and Guille García-Hoz have joined forces to dress the designer’s legendary glazed ceramic pieces in leather.

Sol&Luna has dressed the famous Elephant Maribel with a sash and the Deer Gerardo with a mask. With all the care they have wrapped them using her characteristic cross-stitch with the most artisan techniques of the Art of Leather

The Elephant Maribel. (23cmx19cmx58cm) 

 Glazed ceramic Sol&luna’s natural leather  with cross hand stitching

It is the first time that the designer lets his wonderful glazed ceramics figures be put into the hands of other artisan disciplines to bring together talent, creativity, design and, of course, leather craftsmanship

  El Deer  Gerardo. (45cmx33cmx28cm) 

Glazed Cermaic Sol&luna’s natural leather  with cross hand stitching

These are leather pieces to wrap part of the earthenware figures, so that you can appreciate the Art of Leather of Sol&Luna, and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the glazed ceramic in its most original and decorative composition.

Guille García-Hoz is an artist and also a designer who likes to give his pieces that ability to make any corner special. Carolina Sánchez de Movellán says that this collaboration is a good opportunity for Sol&Luna to once again demonstrate the Art of Leather and the enormous capacity it has to associate itself with any material.


“Maribel is the laughiest elephant that ever walked the earth, in fact the happiest in the whole land she ever walked. She’ll go with you to any shindig, any party. She’s a defender of nature and in her free time she gets a little piece of nature behind her that will give you and your home a breath of fresh air. Put the plant that you like the most and you’ll see what life she gives it.  G.Garcia-Hoz 













For Sol&Luna it has been very gratifying to apply their Arts with the leather to “shelter” Guille’s pieces. Sewing with all the care of our cross-stitch the mask of her Gerardo and the sash of her Elephant Maribel, with our natural leather, has been for us a precious work with spectacular results”. C. Sánchez de Movellán







The union of the two materials, ceramic and leather, original because it had never been seen before, results in a product full of art, decorative in any context, elegant…

We invite you to stop by our shop to see the result of the Leather Craftsmanship in perfect union with the Ceramic Craftsmanship. Hope to see you!


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Houston’s  new Mad Restaurant designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán with our revolving chair . Owner Ignacio Torres and Chef Luis Roger.

Sol & Luna displays the Art of leather to cover lots of beautiful presents for Christmas.

floreros y maceteros en cuero

Vases / cashe pots covered in leather for Easter flowers, pine cones, Christmas balls….

This year we have taken the rest. When we started to devise Christmas we thought, how lucky we are! , our essence gives us infinite possibilities to turn any object into The Art of leather. Who else can achieve this premise?

And so we did, an endless list of things that we could turn into unique leather objects; Christmas ornaments, gifts and ultimately lots of items that Sol & Luna could cover to create that warm, familiar, cozy, exciting Christmas atmosphere.

renos de madera en cuero rojo

Wooden reindeers covered in red leather

The first on the list were the mythical reindeer; covered in red and brown leather sewn with the characteristic cross stitch. All handmade by the artisans of Sol & Luna, who turn every leather object into Art.

Ready to distribute Christmas gifts. We could not miss the mythical sled, covered in natural leather and full of presents from Sol & Luna to surprise this Christmas!

renos de madera en cuero marron

Wooden reindeers covered in brown leather with sled covered in natural leather

The only limit: the time … the hands of our artisans could not go faster … Cut, sew, and prepare the leather to interpret our ideas into Christmas presents.

We were able to get our Sol& Luna Christmas trees!. Also covered in red leather and the result has been truly spectacular!

arbol de navidad en cuero rojo

Sol & Luna Christmas tree covered in red leather

Reindeers, trees and sleds are our leather-lined objects for this Christmas. Lights, stars and lots of gift ideas, have turned Sol& Luna store as a mandatory stop these days!

escaparate navidad 2019

Showcase Sol & Luna. Christmas 2019

All that remained was to set the table… once again we were very lucky! Lots of exclusive brands to accompany our leather at Sol & Luna Store!  Crockery, cutlery, glassware and the magic touch of Paz Quijano decorating tables to put the final touch on our Christmas atmosphere. As Christmas marks, the red leather stands out with with chairs, placemats, snack bowls, etc.

mesa decorada paz quijano

Table decorated by Paz Quijano with chairs and red leather items from Sol & Luna. Black lacquered table, Crockery and glassware also available in Sol & Luna

Hope to see you soon! Merry Christmas!



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Sol&luna will be presenting at Maison et Objet its new collection for 2020.     

We are very proud to become part of the space SIGNATURE in Hall 5A “Unique and Eclectic”

“Committed to the luxurious craft of leather,” best describes the artisans of Sol & Luna, a Spanish manufacturer and retailer which has become internationally known for its objects and furniture elegantly covered in leather.


17-21 January 2020

Hall 5A – Stand M76- N75

Living Magazine features our Amchair Hovy  in natural leather. The perfect armchair for your working desk.

Opening of the newest Loetje restaurant in Den Haag, The Netherlands. They have chosen our chair Hovy and the stool Hovy  in brown color.

Agency: Cabana Interior

Photographer: Ralph Reniers

The wide variety of Sol & Luna leather chairs does not arise overnight. Like every great project, it has a trajectory in which there was a first time  a chair called Girón….


Chair Giron in natural, black, Brown, orange and red

Sol&Luna had already been known for its ability to cover any object in leather, and thinking of decoration furniture, arose the idea of covering the mythical bus seat in Cuba called “Girón”…

Then it was about choosing the base… Two iron base models with different seat heights 45 cm and 48 cm


And to complete the collection of Giron leather chairs, why not also have the stool!

Giron stool available in two seat heights 65cm and 72 cm, and in 5 leather colors: natural, Brown, black, red and orange

This is how Sol & Luna leather chairs began to be known in the decoration sector and especially in the Hotel and restaurant sector.

Once demonstrated the versatility of leather, adaptable in any environment and style, we began to think of other chair designs to cover in leather, and combining seat, base and heights we can offer up to 10 collections of chairs and stools today !


Up to 10 collections of Sol&Luna chairs


Highlight the Anahí collection thanks to its special seat available in tow heights : low and high.


Anahi Collection

Each of the collections covered in leather by Sol & Luna, are available as a chair and stool. We also offer the armchair; same base to turn a chair into a comfortable armchair even with stool height.


Armchair by Sol&Luna


You can find Sol&Luna seating all around the world !


Sol&luna projects

In our effort to innovate, the collection of Revolving leather chairs of special design also emerges; the Tobatí chair, the Caacupé or Lambaré armchair or how we could not otherwise call our Luna chair and our Sol armchair !. All these and many more are part of our collection for those special areas of our home.


Revolving chairs in 5 leather colors


Armchair Sol,Armchair Caacupé y chair Tobatí

Finally, showing our claim “The Art of Leather”, we offer the collection of chairs entirely covered in leather. A total of 10 references that show our vegetal leather and our cross stitch seam throughout the whole chair.


Armchair Cristina and Armchair Capiatá

Chairs and armchairs completely covered in leather, which attest to our commitment to craftsmanship, making the chair and “Eternal”!

sillas de cuero en Madrid


c/Núñez de Balboa, 79

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Nuevo Estilo Magazine features our chair Poty  in a wonderful feature on trends in wallpapers. Stylist Eugenia Cienfuegos.

Sol&luna with Rolls Royce for the celebration of 100 years of Bentley

It is difficult to explain the joy that you feel when you are invited as a luxury brand, for the celebration of 100 years of Bentley Motors. To see Sol & Luna at the level of companies such as Rolls Royce makes you feel unique and overwhelmed!

The reason for this invitation, is because Sol & Luna is part of those brands of the world of EXTRAORDINARY. Thanks for its handmade products that have turned the world of leather into an Art, thanks to the respect for the traditions and thanks to the luxury linked to  “handmade products ” …

“Exploring The Extraordinary” is the title of the book published by two of the most prestigious car clubs: The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club and the Rolls Royce Owners Club. They have selected exclusive brands related to the world of luxury including Sol&luna as a brand linked to handcrafted habitat. The presentation of the book was the first event of 100 Years of Bentley Motors.


Cover of the Book

The story of Sol&luna published in the book

Sol & Luna team was there in the middle of a wonderful exhibition of vintage cars that 100 years later are still objects of desire, among other international brands chosen by Bentley as extraordinary!

Every corner of the exhibition reminds us that there is no expiration date for the things well done, for the exquisite materials and for the good taste….

A hundred years of reward for the good work, for the meticulous, for the commitment to perfection!


With this “tremendous satisfaction” we put on our best clothes to go later to the Hotel Grosvenor House for the gala dinner to celebrate 100 years of Bentley Motors.

What a great dinner, in the incomparable setting of the Hotel Grosvenor House that protects like no other the condition of EXTRAORDINARY that presides over the night; among a lot of international luxury brands that like Sol & Luna have been invited to the event; with that spirit of motivation to follow in the effort to be exclusive!

Thanks Bentley Motors to invite Sol&Luna to participate in your 100 Anniversary!!!

The Hamptons Design guide 2019 features our leather basket covered in natural leather

The genuine Coleman coolers lined in leather with our characteristic cross stitch are a Must for any outdoor celebration !.

They combine the quality of Coleman, keeping the cold  for a long time, and the artisanal work of Sol & Luna that turns into Art any leather object.

two top-quality cooler models with the characteristic craftsmanship of Sol & Luna
that converts a functional product into a leather object made with Art

Available in 6 different sizes, there can be used for a getaway for two, a family picnic, a boat journey,  an outdoor event,etc … This is the reason why it is most of our clients choose our leather coolers as the perfect gift for  corporate gifts, wedding gifts etc …

Coolers covered in leather by Sol&Luna in 6 different sizes

To highlight the craft work, we select carefully the object to be lined in leather. That’s why Sol & Luna chose the Coleman brand, for its well-deserved reputation as the best among all brands of coolers.

Sol&luna cooler in brown leather. Also available in black, natural, red and orange leather

Other leather objects that Sol & Luna can offer for a successful picnic are the can holders  from Coleman brand, covered in leather with the same art by Sol & Luna!

Can holder coverd in leather by sol&Luna available in natural, brown, black, red and orange leather

After emptying the cooler with our great picnic,  and taking the aperitif in our luxurious leather can holders, we can start setting the picnic table with the collection of jugs and thermos that keep the right temperature and highlight  the Art of the Leather of Sol&luna.

Thermos and jars Collection  covered in leather by sol&luna available in brown, black, natural, red and orange leather

And finally the dessert !. Use the for ice cream buckets covered in leather by Sol & Luna, also with interior that keeps the cold!

5 colors for the  ice cream buckets covered in leather by Sol&luna




c/Núñez de Balboa, 79

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Sol y Luna has been invited by Interiors from Spain to attend the International Contemporary Furniture fair (ICFF) that will be held in New York (Jacob K. Javits Convention Center- NY) from the 19th to the 22nd of May 2019.

Interiors from Spain is an initiative of ICEX Spain Export and Investment to promote the Spanish products of habitat and interior design.

Sol&luna will be presenting its new collection “Sol & Luna in colors” bringing  the opportunity to customize your chairand offering our clients a large variety of leather seating in different colors, handmade cross stitching matching the leather and colorful iron frames.

We are very happy to attend for first time this furniture fair, that has built a solid reputation as North America’s platform for global design.

This exciting restaurant designed by Coco Republic our retailer in Australia in partnership with The Fresh Collective is a welcome addition to the inner Brisbane dining and coffee scene with our famous Chair Giron and Barstool Girón

The large or medium round ice bucket and the Can cooler also in large and medium size. Any of those models with a great capacity for a great night !. All of them with outstanding functionality and at the same time with the seal of our Art of leather objects!

objetos de cuero cubos de hielo

Sol&luna Ice buckets in natural leather. Also available in black, Brown, red and orange leather

Sol & Luna is known for its ability to cover turning anything into a leather object,  transforming the item into something elegant, different, artistic, decorative … ..

The can Cooler model lined with leather, it is a design that allows us to show our Art of leather, showing the original ring of its cover…cubo de hielo objetos de cuero sol&luna

Two sizes of this can cooler in leather for a younger audience or for a garden, a pool, a more informal atmosphere ….


The Art of Sol&Luna goes beyond the leather in its model of Ice bucket for Excellence !. After unsuccessfully searching for a lining bucket that met the design, capacity and quality characteristics pursued, we decided to create it.

This ice bucket is not a simple leather object…

In this case we not only cover the item, we also manufacture the base, with its aluminum interior capable of keeping the ice up to 24 hours.

best quaility inside and artisanal work outside rística deSol & Luna turns a functional product into a leather object made with Art

No wonder it’s our best-selling piece every year! Wedding gifts, business gifts, gifts that we choose with great care to show appreciation, love..




c/Núñez de Balboa, 79

28006 MADRID


Interiores Magazine features the stool Anahí  from the new collection Sol&luna in colors

The famous interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán designs the Arco’s Vip Lounge with the new Sol&luna seating. The Art of Leather present in the Top Contemporary Art exhibition.

Sol & Luna, known for Art in Leather and for the creation and manufacture of leather furniture, offers you, thanks to its new collection Sol &luna in Colors, the opportunity to customize your design

We offer you the possibility to choose for your furniture, the color of the leather, the thread of your sewing and the color of the structure of your chairs, armchairs, stools and leather tables.

The result is fascinating adding modernity and color to our new handmade leather furniture

We are very happy to demonstrate once again the meticulous leather craftsmanship of Sol & Luna, which turns Art into leather.

Handmade pieces that allow us to customize the needs of the buyer and demonstrate once again the great versatility of leather furniture, adapting the furniture to any kind of style:   classic, modern, young, festive, warm

Launched the collection during the last edition of Maison et Objet in Paris, the success and recognition of our leather goods has been absolute!


You choose the personalization of your leather furniture

  • Five colors: natural leather, brown leather, black leather,  red leather and orange leather.
  • Five colors for the thread of our cross stitch seam: brown, green, black, red and ivory.
  • Four colors for the iron structures: black, gold, red and green.

The options are endless so that the leather chair, leather armchair, leather stool or leather table that you design is exclusive for your project.

Sol &Luna, proves once again, that their handmade leather objects have multiple applications in the decoration sector.

Leather goods made with love thanks to the virtuous hands of the best leather craftsmen.

Visit our website or come to our store in Madrid: Sol y Luna (Núñez de Balboa, 79-28006 Madrid – Tel; 00 34 91 781 28 65)


Sol&luna, the Art of Leather, and Felipao presented during the Show Maison&Objet, the the iconic 1,65cm polyhedral Menina designed by Felipao, lined in red leather by Sol & Luna

The “Menina”dressed  in leather for Maison & Objet Show

.Friendship and mutual admiration for crafts and art result in a collaboration between the artist Felipao and Carolina Sánchez de Movellán from Sol & Luna.  


The renowned artist and sculptor, Felipao and the company Sol & Luna known in the leather art sector, have produced a limited edition of the Iconic Menina designed by Felipao but, this time, covered from head to toe in leather by the artisans of Sol & Luna.

It is the first polyhedralMenina in the world, its body is built on 448 faces. No artist had used this technique so far to interpret the Velazquez icon.



Felipao is an artist who feels very comfortable giving life to sculptures and any object. Carolina Sánchez from Movellán from Sol & Luna says: “The Art of Leather, together with the innovative design of Felipao, makes the Menina an iconic piece”.


The Menina fromFelipao is an innovative interpretation adapted to the 21st century. Available in three sizes: 32cm, 52cm and 1,65cm.

Once again, Sol&luna demonstrate show Art and leather are a perfect combination.

Once again Sol & Luna shows that art and leather are one thing. 
Sol & Luna, leather art, has been showing for many years that the leather worked with care and placed in the hands of artists and craftsmen, can give any object, even the most everyday, the design touch that makes each object a work of art.

Sol & Luna, leather art, is the demonstration that art and leather can be a fusion that we can enjoy every day.

ArchitecturalDigest USA

Architectural Digest features an eclectic California ranch designed by Tim Clarke with Sol&Luna Capiatá armchairs


18-23 January 2019

Hall 5A – Stand S-105

Sol&luna brings the opportunity to customize your chair


Sol&luna will be presenting at Maison et Objet (18-23 January 19) its new collection called “Sol & Luna in colors”.

“Committed to the luxurious craft of leather,” best describes the artisans of Sol & Luna, a Spanish manufacturer and retailer which has become internationally known for its objects and furniture elegantly covered in leather

Our aim with this new collection is to offer our clients a large variety of leather seating in different colors, handmade cross stitching matching the leather and colorful iron frames.

The result is absolutely amazing giving a modern touch to our range of chairs, armchairs and barstools.

5 leather colors: natural, brown, black, red and orange

5 cross stitching: ivory, brown, black, green and red

4 iron frames: black, gold, green and red

Sol&Luna’s leather is completly natural  and our products are hand finished made from a fine cow leather. All of wich garantee that each piece is unique.

A double satisfaction that you find in life! In the professional side when the Art of Leather and design merge, the result of an absolutely wonderful product is achievedand . Personally, for the joy of working with one of those friends that one is lucky to have!

If Sol & Luna is known for the Art of Leather in its work of luxury craftsmanship, it was an opportunity to have the renowned interior designer and furniture creator, Inés Benavides, to gather professionalism and knowledge by making a limited edition, the Iconic Cubbs designed by Inés Benavides but, this time, fully lined in leather.

When the Art of Leather and design merge, the result? … fascinating.

Originally, these exuberant cubes, bright, colorful and very striking made of metal, with a touch PopArt, have been transformed from the hand of Sol & Luna in soft, delicate, more subtle pieces.

The meticulous craftsmanship of Sol & Luna in turning their work into the Art of Leather, with premium leather has made them a warmer object.

With an effect as striking as the originals, for the material with which they are covered as, for the colors used, an elegant tile / orange color and a warm red color, it is surprising to note that they do not lose a touch of modernity and avant-garde .

To which we must add the touch of leather, soft as if it were a second skin.

In short, the final result is just as versatile as the original Cubbs but with a more refined look.

The lining process has been complicated, demonstrating once again that leather is an Art for Sun &Luna, to obtain a natural and perfect appearance.

I completely agree with Inés Benavides  when she says: “a master job. Impeccable”.

Carolina Sánchez de Movellán


Taking out summer clothes makes me feel less lazy than when we have to take off coats and dark winter clothes. Bathing suits, sandals and t-shirts bring us a lot of good memories from holidays and the best times of the year.

In addition, the wardrobe looks cleaner and more organized. The ideas and accessories of HO by Sol&Luna will help you to change seasonal clothes; they will encourage you in the task and convince you that ordering is also decorating.

Sol&luna leather red and black leather chairs, table and leather lamp. William Yoeward Crystal and Dibbern tableware

The first thing we have to do is to empty the entire cabinet and clean it thoroughly with products that smell clean; With all the wardrobe available, it will seem that we have a lot of space !

First tip: Get rid of everything you have not worn all season. If you find that it can be back in fashion, that you will be back in that size or why not … that you have a huge affection for that garment, look in the storage room for a place or prepare a box titled “worth saving”, (and the title will make us realistic), and keep it there, but remove it from circulation.

The better we save it, the less work when we have to take out the clothes. We’ll even be excited about some clothes that maybe we’re tired of seeing. All washed and well ironed; the canvas boxes HO by Sol&Luna are very capable, there can even store their pants and when you open the box after months it keeps the clean smell with which you have kept everything. Never use cardboard or plastic boxes, nor the plastic ones that “compress the vacuum” because they can ruin your clothes.

Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
Boxes HO by Sol&luna in canvas, identification tag and leather handles. Colors: sand, grey and white. You can use them for pillows, blankets, quilts…
Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
Boxes HO by Sol&luna in canvas. Detail of the leather zipper puller.
Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
HO by Sol&Luna linen and cotton covers

The clothes that we keep hanging – men’s suits, coats, special dresses, etc. – they will need a good brushing, ironing or laundry. On the way back remove the plastic hanger and replace it in a good hanger with a cotton garment cover from HO by Sol&Luna!

HO by Sol&Luna has linen and cotton covers in nice colors, in two different sizes. It is important that the covers look the same. When opening the closet the feeling of order and harmony is total!

A practical advice is to keep some “all season clothes” in this wardrobe, and protect it with a shoulder cover that allows us to find it quickly.

Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
Cover in cotton with blue stripes by HO by Sol&luna
Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
 Cover in cotton with blue stripes by HO by Sol&luna

Store bags and shoes clean. In this case we can use cardboard boxes. HO by Sol&Luna has a large range for bags, boots, shoes for men and women in various colors with their identification labels. If the boxes look the same, the feeling of order is total. If there is not room for many boxes, you can use a large one and store several pairs of shoes.

Bags boxes by HO by Sol&Luna
Shoe and Boot boxes by HO by Sol&Luna

Store bags and shoes clean. In this case we can use cardboard boxes. HO by Sol&Luna has a large range for bags, boots, shoes for men and women in various colors with their identification labels. If the boxes look the same, the feeling of order is total. If there is not room for many boxes, you can use a large one and store several pairs of shoes.

Shoetrees HO By Sol&Luna
Shoetrees HO By Sol&Luna
Boottrees HO By Sol&Luna

Finally, gloves, scarves, hats … can stay in the boxes covered in fabric by HO By Sol&Luna! Orange fabric box for gloves, scarves HO by Sol&luna

A great idea: take advantage of worn out candles that smell clean and put them in cupboards or boxes.

If you live in a humid climate, HO By Sol&Luna sachets with cedar wood are perfect.

Orange fabric box for gloves, scarves HO by Sol&luna
Leather and suede candles HO by Sol&luna.
Cedar wood scented sachets HO by Sol&luna

You will leave your wardrobe absolutely perfect to enjoy the summer!  When you take off the winter clothes the feeling will be of brand new!

If you need anything, you can find it in our shop:  Sol y Luna, calle Núñez de Balboa, 79. Tel: 91 781 28 65 visit us!

Article “How to organize your wardrobe” written by María Martínez-Fresneda from HO by Sol&Luna 

Double page published in the Sunday Supplement of El Mundo Newspaper. Great article about the story of Sol&Luna. Thanks to Ivan Martínez Cubells and to Marta Barroso.



We have spent an entire working day changing the window-shop and the store in general to show all our new products and offer our customers more and more ideas …. At the end of the day, although we felt exhausted, we love our work!

First of all, what theme are we going to choose to produce our showcase; we are on Thursday and we can see the desire for “leisure”, so we decided to reflect that pleasant space where, in addition to good company, good menu and good wine, we love a nice table … We checked once again, how Sol&Luna leather fits into the definition of any style: warm, modern, comfortable, cozy, original, etc.


Sol&luna leather red and black leather chairs, table and leather lamp. William Yoeward Crystal and Dibbern tableware
Sol&luna leather red and black leather chairs, table and leather lamp. William Yoeward Crystal and Dibbern tableware

The second step is to show in another window-shop of Núñez de Balboa our brand: the ability of Sol & Luna to turn craftsmanship into Art!  And show leather products seeking the loyalty of our customers. Then we chose the colors natural leather and black to present the care that surrounds any room: a dressing room, our mythical vallet, the suitcase, wastebasket, umbrella stand and those details of the new collection HO by Sol&Luna as the suede hanger, the brush, shoetrees or the small leather basket.

Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna. 

To end up the window-shop of Núñez de Balboa, we arrange and relocate in the third window William Yeoward crystal. We have the honor of being exclusive distributor in Spain for many years and it has become another sign of identity of our store. Without forgetting also, the wonderful silver heaters and beautiful tableware that you can only find at Sol&Luna.

Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.

In the wonderful corner of Calle Núñez de Balboa with Padilla, we have a luxury showcase to present our new collection of consoles and stools covered in orange leather that is part of our new collection: modern, versatile, original …

Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
Stool Anahí and the range of orange thermos.

Now we only have the showcase of Padilla Street, where we take the opportunity to remind our clients that we offer selected furniture that matches the leather so well …

Detail of suede brush from HO by Sol&Luna.
Marvellous black cabinet with a display William Yeoward crystal and Giron dining chairs in black leather.

In the late afternoon, we see how from inside everything is exposed again and it looks just as beautiful as we expected. We still need to reorganize a bit and fix our dining corner, the leather, Crystal display, accessories Home In Order.

We feel very satisfied when we hear the compliments of the customers who are entering the store! Despite the fatigue thousands of ideas come to mind to keep improving, to offer more ideas, solutions, more creativity !. To continue giving the best service and to continue being a store with a lot of personality!

Hope to see you around!

Spanish Interior Design Magazine “Interiors”, with an article about Sol&Luna.


Our stand at Maison&Objet January 2018 Paris.


We are very proud to announce that our new stool Anhaí has been selected by Maison et Objet to participate in the exhibition area “WHAT’S NEW” located in Hall 3.
Sol&Luna at Maison&Objet
19-23 January 2018
Hall 1 – Stand E26-F25


Restaurant Dinette in Rouen, France with our leather Sol&Luna Stool Hovy

Naomi Watts shows her NY flat with Sol&Luna Girón Chair. Article published in Hola magazine.


New Opening of the Restaurant Le Bistrot de Pièrre in Mumbles Wales. They have chosen our Chairs Beto and Armchair Beto  in brown leather.


Restaurante Artte in Barcelona with our leather Chair Girón in Nuevo Estillo is a Spanish Interior Design magazine.


Opening of the new restaurant “La Campa de los Ingleses” located in the Futbol Stadium of San Mamés in Bilbao Spain. Project by Lázaro Rosa Violán with our Sol&Luna Girón stool and Girón Chair


Our 2 Chevaux car and the vespa motocycle present at the Festival Roue Libre in  the Science Museum in Paris


Our stand at Maison&Object January 2017 Paris.

Check out our new products for 2017 leather chairs, leather barstools, leather armchairs and a leather covered lighter in match-shape.

Image of a page from a magezine showing a bar and a dinner table with leather Sol&Luna chairs

The Spanish magazine Gentleman, showing our leather Chair Girón in the article New York Spirit.


Nuevo Estilo – January 2017

Nuevo Estillo is a Spanish Interior Design magazine, featuring out leather Tobatí Chair.


Our Sol& Luna Chair Tobatí, has been selected by the Spanish magazine “Nuevo Estillo” as one of the products differentiated by their design, character and cultural aspects for 2016.

Ibérica Victoria London designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán has won the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2016 in the category of “winner of London Restaurant”. Sol&luna has collaborated with their leather chairs nanduti in the project.


Classic Car Expo in Castilla y Leon, Spain, showing our Citroën 2CV covered in leather.


Image of the breakfast in the Sol&Luna storeImage of the press in the Sol&Luna store

Press breakfast in our Sol&Luna shop in Madrid, presenting the new collection HO by Sol&Luna to the press.

New York designer Mark Zeff recommends our Poty chair in the Interior Design Magazine

Our leather Car “2 Chevaux” main character in the Intergift show held in Madrid Spain

Nuevo Estillo – August 2016

A Spanish Interior Design magazine, featuring our natural leather  Stool Girón PN918.

Architectural Digest US publishes Naomi Watts apartment in NY with our Sol&Luna Girón Chair

“Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s Stunning New York City Apartment
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber collaborate with design firm Ashe + Leandro to transform a Manhattan artist’s loft into an inviting family oasis”

Read the article in AD online


Sol&Luna stand at Maison et Objet in Paris, February 2016

The interior designer Marc Zeff chooses Sol&luna furniture.

“John Doherty has brought a piece of the Hamptons back to the city. The former long-time executive chef of the Waldorf Astoria is opening his first solo restaurant, Black Barn, looming wooden barn on 26th Street in New York. The restaurant’s barn-centric interior was the work of Interior Designer Mark Zeff ….”

The Barn Restaurant with our Sol&Luna Stool Beto and Armchair Capiatá

Our stand at Maison&Objet Paris in September 2015.

A complete article about Sol&Luna’s leather “2CV” in the French Car Magazine Deuche.


Our Sol&Luna Stool Girón in an article about the  Restaurant Sturebaren in Stockholm  Elle Decoration Sweden

Our stand at Maison&Objet Paris in January 2015.


Our stand at Maison&Objet Paris in September 2014.


Our stand at Maison&Objet January 2014

Our stand at Maison&Objet September 2013


Our stand at Maison&Object January 2013 Paris