Masterpieces of Spanish and Hungarian handicrafts
From Saturday, September 30 to October 15, the exhibition “Eternal Pieces” will be held at the EatArt Gallery of the Culinary Institute in Budapest.
The exhibition brings together a careful selection of masterpieces of Spanish and Hungarian crafts in an interesting creative dialogue, and will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony, and the Ambassador of Spain in Budapest, Alfonso Dastis.
The exhibition is curated by Ramón Vergara, member of the Spanish cultural association “Contemporánea de Artes y Oficios” and Zsolt Sari, Deputy Director of the Skanzen Museum.
The artisans participating in this exhibition are: Aitor Martínez, Juan Pablo
Martínez -Tito- from Alfarería Tito, Ángeles Espinar, Arturo Mora, Felipe Conde, Fernando Garcés, Gordiola, Laurentino de Cabo, Mª Teresa Miñana, Objet Particulier, Felipao & Sol&Luna, Ubedíes, Adrián Pena from Xart-arte en Madera and Yukiko Kitahara.
You can access photographs of the Spanish craftsmen through this link
Artesanos españoles
The exhibition will take place within the framework of the Spanish-Hungarian cultural festival “¡Hola Budapest!”, promoted by the Budapest City Council with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Hungary and the Cervantes Institute, in collaboration with Lady Amontillado
The festival will pay tribute to Spain on the occasion of its Presidency of the European Union, and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Budapest.

The cultures of these two nations will engage in dialogue through a variety of activities and artistic genres, demonstrating that art and culture can be a way to discover both what unites us and what inspires interest, respect and admiration for each other.
Crafts, music, dance, photography and gastronomy will offer exciting encounters that program attendees will be able to experience live.
This autumn there will be an authentic Spanish atmosphere in one of the most colorful districts of Budapest.
On September 30 and October 1, handicrafts, music and dance, photography, gastronomic and cultural experiences will take center stage in the 8th district, Palotanegyed, Budapest. The world-renowned Spanish singer Luz Casal will also give a concert as part of the festival.