The Story of Sol&Luna

“Committed to the luxurious craft of leather,” best describes the artisans of Sol & Luna, a Spanish manufacturer and retailer which has become internationally known for its objects and furniture elegantly covered in leather.

It all started when the owners of Sol&Luna were presented with an opportunity to invest in a cattle ranch in the jungle of the remote Paraguayan Chaco. After several visits it became clear that over generations, the people of this region had become agile craftsman in leather and the opportunity to share their wonderful work became a passion.

In 2003 Sol&Luna was launched, focused on using wood and leather from the Chaco region to form a product line of sustainable goods combined with an unparalleled standard of excellence; only the highest quality materials are given to uniquely talented artisans and the result is the incomparable Sol&Luna Collection.

Starting with simple items such as salt and pepper grinders, flasks, trays, and ice buckets, the collection then grew through experimentation in hunting stools, tables, armchairs, desks, and coolers and has since included such extravagant pieces as bicycles and even a Citroen 2CV automobile! At Sol&Luna the possibilities are limitless!

The original Sol&Luna boutique continues to please clients from its location in the famed Barrio de Salamanca Shopping District in Madrid and in order to meet the growing international demand; Sol & Luna objects are now available through exclusive retailers in Paris, New York, London…

From restaurants and hotels around the world, to yachts on the Mediterranean to villas in France to chalets in the Alps, the fusion of European designs and Paraguayan craftsmanship yields rare objects which our clients enjoy in the world’s most exclusive settings. We graciously invite you to become part of the Sol&Luna experience.